Karla + Spencer: Gover Ranch Wedding

Karla and Spencer had quite the celebration for their marriage. They celebrated with a wedding in Redding, but also in Ohio! Sometimes couples are concerned that if they see each other before the wedding they will lose out on that special moment of seeing each other down the aisle. I always say, that whenever they see each other on their wedding day it will be special no matter what. And this is proof! Spencer and Karla already had a wedding before their wedding at Gover Ranch, they shared a tearful first look before the ceremony, and they STILL cried when they saw each other down the aisle. Spencer's family came from Ohio and Karla's from Guatemala to celebrate with them and their closest friends in Redding. Everyone was just so happy to be there and witness these two say their vows for the second time. The groom even sang his vows! It was an incredible day and I am so glad I had the pleasure of photographing this part of their celebration. 

Karla and Spencer, Congratulations! I wish you two so much happiness!