Mallorie: Grad Portraits

I am so so proud of this girl! Mallorie is graduating from CSU Fullerton in May and I am so excited for her! It seems like only yesterday we were struggling to get through a statistics class at Shasta College... and some days we just skipped it all together and went and had breakfast instead! Maybe thats why we were struggling??? But gone are the days of us skipping classes, because this girl is graduating!!!! For her grad portraits we went on a little adventure to Joshua Tree National Park. After driving through creepy desert towns and wondering if we might just die out there, we finally made it to the park! And it was beautiful? Well, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm more of a waterfalls and forests national park kinda girl! However, photographing Mallorie there was a dream! The lighting was AMAZING and there was plenty of wind to give her all that Beyoncé hair! 

Congratulations, Mallorie! I am SO proud of you for chasing after your education and achieving this huge accomplishment!