Family Portraits: Why are they important?

When is the last time you had a family portrait taken? No, I'm not talking about a group photo at a family BBQ. I'm talking a professional portrait. Maybe you do a family photoshoot every year? Maybe you've only done it once? Maybe you've never had one? Whether you are a seasoned professional in finding perfectly matching outfits for your family or you think you could never get your kids to sit still for a portrait; this post is for you! 

Let me start by telling you that although I am a photographer and I may be a little bias in this, but I didn't grow up in a family that took family portraits. We didn't send out holiday cards every year and the photos on our walls were from events or our annual summer vacation. We have ONE professional photo and it was taken 20+ years ago. So I'm speaking to you as someone who didn't have this tradition, but who plans on having family portraits taken every year when I start my family(sorry, future husband!). In fact, I only recently forced my extended family to have portraits taken this last Christmas. And that's because now I know exactly how important it is. 

So, here are three reasons why you should start having family portraits taken! 

REASON ONE: Document Changes
        Your children are changing fast. They can change so much in just a few months. Documenting your family every year or even every few years can help show just how much you all are changing. Whether you're adding new family members, loosing teeth, getting braces and so much more, this can be captured in a beautiful professional way. Take this beautiful family for example. The first year I photographed them it was just the three, but the next year there was a new addition to their family! It was amazing to see how much the oldest daughter had changed in a year and one big change being that she was now a big sister! 


REASON TWO: Wall Art Featuring Those You Love Most; oh, and YOU!
        Let's face it, selfies are the big thing now right? Why are they such a big deal? Because it's a way to make sure EVERYONE gets in the photo, including the person taking it. And with the famed "selfie stick" the options are endless. But are these really the photos you want to blow up on a canvas and show off to anyone who walks into your home? No...   Family portraits are an investment; yes. But if you think of creating these photos as art, you're really investing in so much more. I can't think of any better art to put on the walls of a home than art that features the people that you love most. And guess what? One of those people should be you! How often do you see a photo of a family, but either Mom or Dad is missing?? Often. Because someone had to take the photo! Well, a professional photoshoot ensures that everyone gets their moment to shine! 

REASON THREE: Tradition + Future Generations
        Now, this might be a little off subject, but I promise I have a point. Sometimes when I walk into a wedding I'm photographing, there is a table set up with the wedding photos of the couple's parents and grandparents. The first thing I think of is, "Oh, how sweet!" Then I realize that I'm there to photograph this couple's wedding day so that someday their grandchildren might display that photo on their big day. And I think of just how powerful photography can be. One of my favorite things to do is look at old photos of my family, especially those who I've never met. It's important to have quality images that can be passed down from generation to generation, because we just don't know how our Facebook photos are going to be viewed 50 years from now.  It's also fun to start the tradition of having family photos taken so it can be continued. Your teenagers may roll their eyes at it now, but someday they will see the value and continue on their own.


Now you've heard my top three reasons to take family portraits, but these are not even close to the only reasons. There are a gazillion reasons, and these are just the few that I thought were worth highlighting. But what are the reasons not to have portraits done????

---- My family is too crazy!
WRONG! Every family is crazy in it's own way and a lot of them have picture perfect photos that make it seem otherwise! 

---- My kids can't sit still for that long.
This may be entirely true, but guess what!? They don't have to sit still the whole time. We can skip and run and tickle and all sorts of other things to keep them moving and entertained. Plus, if you've seen a family sitting so peacefully in a photo, let me just remind you how fast a camera can take a photo. I guarantee that kid was squirming around just seconds before the photo was taken. Oh, and you better bet that Dad has a pocketful of skittles... I'm not against bribing kids for smiles! HA!

---- I can't put together matching outfits for all of us.
First, let me give credit to the moms out there who have spectacular outfits put together for their entire family! You rock! But let's face it, it's hard! No one says you have to match perfectly, no one says you have to have fresh of the runway outfits. And your photographer can help you along the way! We may not go shopping with you, but we have plenty of tips. Plus, there is a boatload of helpful stuff on Pinterest. 

So, I debunked the main reasons you think you can't have portraits and I've outline the three reasons I think it's so important; what now? It's time to book! Whether you book your family portraits with me or another photographer; I'm just happy you're doing it!

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