Andi + Cody: Shingletown Wedding

Andi and Cody were married at her parents home and it was absolutely beautiful! Their families worked so hard to make their special day the best it could be! I even told them they had a future in the wedding industry, because every single detail was perfect! There is just something about the families of a bride and groom coming together and working hard to celebrate their love. While Andi was getting ready for the day I asked her if she thought Cody would cry when he saw her and she had absolutely no doubt he would. And boy, he did not disappoint! His reaction to seeing his bride was so emotional I couldn't help but have tears streaming down my face as well. They finished the day with an epic sparkler send off! I'm sure I was very close to having my hair catch fire, but hey, anything for the shot!

Congratulations, Andi and Cody!! I loved being a part of your day and seeing the love your family and friends have for you, and the love you have for each other! 

WeddingHolly Kiker1 Comment