Madison + Adrian: TBS Ranch, Palo Cedro, CA

The weather in May was very unpredictable this year! One day it would be sunny; the next day pouring rain! The morning of Madison & Adrian's wedding there was no predicting what the weather would be like... warm, then cold; sprinkles, then sun. During the ceremony the "I Do's" were said, they kissed, and not even a minute after the newlyweds made their exit: POURING RAIN!!! It was perfect timing! Needless to say, the after ceremony portraits were put on hold and I spent the next few minutes trying to think of a place to do family portraits where people wouldn't get soaked. As dinner was served the clouds cleared and the sun made an appearance! All wedding timelines were off the table at this point, but thanks to everyone's patience and cooperation we were able to get beautiful portraits done and the reception went on with out a hitch!  

Congratulations, Madison and Adrian! 

Madison and Adrian did not see each other, but shared this cute moment before the ceremony!

BUBBLES! I loved their bubble exit! So fun!

Adrian & Madison's family danced in a circle around them and then went and cheered at them! It was SOO loud and being a photographer in the middle of it all was a little scary! Still so fun!