Here comes baby!

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to photograph the biggest moments in my friends' lives. A few weeks ago we set out to take maternity photos for my best friend of 14 years! I could not be happier for her and her husband to start their family.

I just love shooting at Gover Ranch in Anderson, CA! We shot right in the middle of the day(a lighting nightmare) and the light in the gardens at Gover was just awesome!

So... if you know me personally, you know that I can get a bit emotional sometimes. Seriously, I get tears in my eyes for almost anything! Commercials, songs, viral videos, when a sports team wins a big game... anything! (I may even have tears in my eyes writing this blog post...) Here we are at Gover and I'm setting up my first shot... Lighting *check* Pose *check* Focused *check*.. Click the shutter and eyes are welling up with water! I recovered quickly, but how amazing is it that I watched my best friend, Kirsten, fall in love with this curly haired awkward teenage boy, stood by her side as she married him, and now they are having a baby!? 

I love you guys so much and I love these photos!



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