Lyndsay and Ty: Engaged

Somehow after rain and more rain the weather let off for Lyndsay and Ty's engagement session... kinda.  It was cold and sprinkling, but at least it wasn't pouring! 

Lyndsay and Ty went to the same high school but had never met. Facebook suggested that they be friends and after a drink and some In-N-Out, they fell for each other. Honestly, every great love story should start with In-N-Out! :) 

There is no mistaking that these two are in love! I was so happy they chose to have their photos taken at Ty's grandparent's home. They will be getting married there in the fall and it will be so beautiful! Lyndsay's father made an awesome bench that was perfect for their photos!

Thank you, Lyndsay and Ty, for being such great sports during the cold!