Paris and Switzerland 2015!

To live will be an awfully big adventure... -Peter Pan


This summer I was lucky enough to take the trip of a lifetime to Paris and Switzerland with my aunt. Every part of it was amazing and there aren't enough pictures in the world to show how incredible this trip was... but I'll try! 

The first leg of our trip was Paris, France! We spent 3 days in France and fit as much as we could in the short time we had! We stayed in a quiet neighborhood that was less *touristy* which was great! Our first night we explored the area we were staying in before taking the metro to the main area of the city and to take a boat tour on the Seine.

The next few days we hit the big stuff: Notre Dame  Louvre  Eiffel Versailles

Notre Dame was truly incredible. I think this was my favorite place in Paris. I could've just sat inside for hours! 


Next we went to D'Orsay Museum and the Louvre! D'Orsay was less crowded and I would recommend going there over the Louvre... Because the Louvre was INSANE! What a mad house!? Wear a helmet because you're probably going to get hit with multiple selfie sticks.. We picked out a few *must-sees* and made our way through the crowds. I really wanted to see the jewels and they were beautiful. It's crazy to think someone actually wore those! 

Next was the Eiffel Tower! Yes, we did this all in one day. We had dinner IN the tower and it did not disappoint! The views of the city from our table were amazing and the food was delicious! And the Eiffel Tower itself was obviously beautiful!

On our last full day in France we took the train out to the Palace of Versailles, and WOW. It was like going back in time. I loved going to Marie Antoinette's estate; every part of it was picture perfect. We stayed for the fireworks they were putting on before the party they had for the anniversary of King Louis XIV's death. Truly once in a lifetime. 

And because we took a million photos on my phone...Paris! 

Leaving Paris by train we headed to Switzerland! Our first stop in Switzerland was in Montreaux on Lake Geneva. During our planning we realized how close we would be to Italy so we rented a car and made a day trip across the border for some lunch! We went to the small town of Aosta where they had some Roman ruins. They've completely built the town around the ruins. On our way back we drove into the mountains to a place recommended by my grandma. This lake is on the border of Italy and Switzerland. There are two hotel/restaurants; one in Italy, one in Switzerland. 

Third day in Montreaux we took a boat to the medieval Chateau de Chillon on Lake Geneva. 

Our last night on Lake Geneva called for wine and a sunset!

Now we ventured into the Swiss Alps and our first stop was Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn. 

*Disclaimer: I love the photos I took of the Swiss Alps, but there is no possible way to do them justice... You have to see it!!

Moving along the alps we went to Wengen in the Lauterbrunnen Valley to see the Jungfrau region of the alps. This was my favorite place in the entire trip!! Every sight was breathtaking. Lauterbrunnen is the "Valley of 72 Waterfalls" and they aren't exaggerating. Wengen is a quaint little town with no cars and is the epitome of Swiss. We stayed at the Hotel Edelweiss ran by a sweet little old man who works in the garden all day preparing the vegetables for that night's dinner. The next couple of days spent there we took cog trains and cable cars to the top of the Jungfrau glacier and the Schilthorn(where they filmed a James Bond movie). Again, pictures just don't do it justice. 

We were bummed to leave Wengen, but we had one more stop on our trip! Heading north we went to Rheinfall, Switzerland where the Rhein River flows from Germany into Switzerland over a HUGE waterfall. I tried so hard to capture all that this waterfall had to offer, but I really think it is impossible. I've looked up photos of it on the internet and like most things in Switzerland, nothing compares to the real thing. We spent our last day in Switzerland zip lining in front of this waterfall!

And again, a few of the many iPhone photos that were taken in Switzerland! 

Thank you for reading this whole blog! I know it was a lot, but you made it to the end of my trip! Also, I want to give an ENORMOUS thank you to my Aunt Jen for giving me the opportunity to go on such an amazing adventure! 

Now go plan a trip for yourself because there is so much in this world to see!!!

Cheers to your future adventures!

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